Recipe for a cure for heart, 800 years old

The creator of this recipe is famous nun Hildegard fon Bingen, which lived 800 years ago.

Later her recipe for heart problems getting downloaded and famous doctors recommending it to numerous patients.

The nun advised that every household should have this recipe, which achieved extraordinary success. The same source with Agreements This explanation carries the famous herbalist Maria judge must, author of the book “Health from God’s pharmacy.”

This natural remedy for heart proved to be successful in the heart weaknesses and actual heart disease. It is used when you experience heart problems as “stabs”, tremors, Skip, after stress.

You must:

1. 10 fresh parsley stems (without root)

2. liter of homemade black or white wine

3. two chazhici vinegar

4. 300 years natural honey


The ten fresh parsley stems with leaves place them in a liter of pure natural wine and add 1-2 tablespoons pure vinegar.

Cook 10 minutes over low heat (water account may foams). Then add 300 grams of honey and leave easily boil for another 4 minutes. Hot wine bleed and still warm place in a bottle which has previously been washed very well. Tightly close. Sludge that is created is not harmful and can safely drink.


The drink is used daily by spoon to a cessation of the difficulties. For larger heart problems, must be used for an extended period.

Before you take it, make a consult with your doctor or other specialists.

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