Recipe: Against cholesterol with celery and lemon

You have problems with fat in the body, despite all medications and advice you receive from your doctor?

Try this popular drug that is particularly useful and effective for cleaning the body after the heavy meals. It takes 400 grams of celery root, a kilo of lemon and two deciliters of water.

Process of preparation:

– Wash the lemon and cut it into thin slices. Place the water in a large pot and add the lemon.

– Grate the celery and add it in the water with lemon. Boil it for twenty minutes on low heat and let it to cool overnight or for at least six hours.

– Strain it through a fine strainer.

– Pour it in bottles and drink one deciliter of it  before the meals three times a day. It may be diluted with mineral water (1dl lemon, celery and 1 dl water).

Keep the liquid in a cold place while you drink it !

– You need to drink it about two months and then you should check your blood!

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