4 dangers that cause cancer … Dangers in our home lurking around every corner

“BBC Health” published an article describing only 4 hazards that at first glance appear to be harmless, but that does not mean that they cannot damage us.

In our homes there are some things that can bring a lot of damage to our health. These are just 4 dangers that can cause very serious disease, and in some cases even cancer.

Check out carefully this list and discard these things immediately.

 1. Air fresheners

Most air fresheners contain carcinogenic substances. Studies show that they can exacerbate the existing lung disease, especially asthma. Replace ordinary air fresheners with conventional oils. They smell fresh longer and are much healthier.

2. Candles

A survey that was conducted shows that 40% of candles contain harmful element lead. Replace paraffin candles with candles of natural wax.

3. Art Supplies

Even these seemingly harmless things can contain carcinogenic materials. For example, the most common markers and crayons contain substances that cause allergies and cancer. Some time ago it was even seized dangerous carcinogen series of pastel colors, made in China, which had a very high lead content. If your child likes to draw, buy paints from famous brands.

4. Shampoos

Shampoos fall in this list, and it is not surprising, because most of them contain toxic chemicals. It is better to replace them with shampoo from own production. If you do not pay to do it yourself, then favor those products with more natural ingredients. Be careful if the shampoo you want contains “Sodium laureth sulfate”, “Natrium laureth sulfate” or “Propylene glycol”.

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