Healthy diet that melts the pounds!

Things weight loss? Are you sure you want fast results? Forget that you’re forced to go hungry and enjoy a healthy diet.

 You will lose a kilo a week only by means of a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. How to lose weight fast? If you reduce your daily intake of calories by 500 a week you can lose one kilogram. For example, if the daily import 1,200 to 1,500 calories a day, and if you exercise an hour a day, you can lose up to three kilograms in the first week, it is important not to reduce calories suddenly and abruptly, as this may be dangerous for your health. If you want to lose weight quickly, you need to exercise more. Limiting salt intake also reduces weight. To quickly reduce weight just ask yourself the following rules are very simple. Without starvation will succeed for a month to reduce five kilos healthily. Focus on fruits, vegetables, soy products, poultry, fish, and cut with dairy products.

– Eat vegetables to feel satiety.

– Drink plenty of water.

– Reduce foods that can cause an increase in appetite.

– Be involved – should not eat just because it is boring.

– Eat only from a plate while sitting at the dinner table.

– Do not skip meals.

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