Autumn’s detoxic diet

Autumn is the season that brings us a lot of healthy and delicious foods that will help you properly foods to speed up metabolism, but also to Conduct detoxic diet needs of your body. Although there is a tendency that this is a time when eating less fruit than in the summer, and now it is important to keep the habit of consumption of vitamins in your body.

Fruits and vegetables will allow you to be fed for a while and will help you in losing weight. The good thing is that these foods you can put a number of ways (roasted pears and plums) and feel free to add honey. In detoxification is important to reduce the intake of toxins in the body. It means to limit your intake of sugar, alcohol, food is full of preservatives and additives, meat, eggs imlechnite products. Emphasis is placed on foods that contain fiber and thereby encourage digestion (fresh fruits, broccoli, cabbage, onions, carrots …).

It is important to take care of the food you prepare for work. If you prepare a sandwich for work, you can always prepare a sandwich that will add a salad and vegetables. When preparing pizza, make so contains more vegetables, and as little as possible cheese. However, before you start any diet, it is best to make a decision on a long-term and healthy diet. One of the best for the start of the balanced weight loss is the correct diet. Nutritionists recommend that it is good to write what you eat during the week. It will help you determine which foods to suit your requirements and that should discard. Autumn is suitable for this kind of weight loss because of various foods.

  • Exercises with weights

While driving the bike and running effective, good and exercises with weights. Consider how could this exercise to accommodate in your daily schedule. This type of exercise activates the main group of muscles in your body, and it is one of the effective ways to spend the body of excess calories. Training with weights also speeds up the metabolism, even when sitting and playing these exercises to spend calories. Fitness trainers recommend this exercise to be performed at least 3 times a week 20 minutes.

  • Autumn groceries

Generally, autumn brings us a lot of fruits and vegetables, and as in all year round care during the consumption of sweet things and the introduction of a sufficient amount of fluid a day. Fruits and vegetables that will help keep the weight and cleansing your body in autumn: apple, pumpkin, cranberries, beets, dates, cauliflower, pumpkin seeds, bulbs, rose hips, tangerines, broccoli, blue tomato, cabbage …
We present a kind of diet for Fall involving different food, different and most vegetables are prepared in several flavors: cooked, baked in the form of salad etc. This type of diet is a good way for detoxification, because cleaning the body to remove harmful substances in your body. Regular detoxification of the body is needed at all, because from time to time pay attention to it. Note that detoxification programs last three to seven days and may not exaggerate the strict regime of diet.

  • Autumn diet

– Morning breakfast
Porridge oats without the milk with raisins and nuts (you can add honey), bread, tea or milk.
10 grams of fresh cheese with sour cream, bread, tea or milk.

  • Lunch

Pickled vegetables with a little oil, a few slices of bread, fruit juice or apple.
Vegetable soup, fish or chicken (150 grams), vegetables (maybe cooked potatoes), a few slices of bread, apple juice, vegetables or fruit.

-Afternoon snack: banana or two apples
-Dinner: cheese cake or salad vegetables, tea or milk
-One hour before bed is good to eat an apple or yogurt

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