Asian diet: shrink the weight without starvation

Asian diet is rich in healthy products, except rice daily menu is diverse fruits and vegetables are the main fighters against weight. Did you know that Asian women do not have problems with cellulite? The secret lies precisely in the diet, and if you try to be prepared Asian diet of delicious food and rich meals that will not boring.

In Asian diet does not matter how much you eat but what you eat on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This diet is very healthy, and if you are disciplined, you can expect amazing results.

Daily diet

Rice is the main cereal and is the daily menu. But sometimes if you want to replace it with another addition, let it be wholegrain pasta, corn or whole-grain bread (less).
The daily menu is diverse and vegetables in large quantities. Emphasis put the carrots, sprouts, lettuce, spinach, kale, Swiss chard, garlic and onions. Eat mostly fresh as a salad with vinegar and oil, and cooked.
The fruit should specifically mention because all very well know its importance. Eat a variety of fruits and when you fall on your mind.
Soy and nuts are very healthy and helpful and also can consume on a daily basis. The same applies to fish and dairy products that we find young cheese, yogurt and probiotics.

Once a week

Eating on a weekly basis are associated with sweets. If you want sweet, better eat fruits or young cheese with honey and nuts. Recommendation is dark chocolate with 75% cocoa. It applies to poultry meat and eggs. Make a delicious lunch of chicken or turkey combined with vegetables and rice.

Once a month

Red meat is rarely consumed in Asian food. Beef, veal, pork and especially should you eat less. Such a diet has been shown as a full shot because no starvation, and food is very diverse and healthy.
Asian diet restricts fat and almost completely eliminate harmful saturated fats like sugar, as the main cause of the increase in weight and cellulite

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