5:2 DIET

What is 5:2 diet

5: 2 diet quickly became popular. This diet is also called discontinuous post. The basic idea of this type of diet involves restricting calories that you specify yourselves. This means that you should eat food with very few calories for two days with high nutritional value, while five days you should eat normal food.

5: 2 diet became popular in August, 2012, when a documentary was released by Michael Mosley who tested this diet. In the documentary he talks about that how he managed to lose about 6-9 kilograms in five weeks. This documentary was released on the BBC.

Two days of fasting during the week include intake of calories not more than 500 for women and 600 for men. Normal average calorie intake should be around 2000.

One of the best things about this diet is that it turns the hormones of growth into hormones of recovery. On the other hand, the weight is constant, and health too. This diet promotes fewer calories throughout the week, and more healthy food during the days when is fasting. It is important to note that the two days post did not mean to eat nothing all day. As with the other diets, it should consider regular exercise, drinking enough water during the day, sleep enough and renunciation of bad habits, such as alcohol and cigarettes. Although this diet states that, despite two days of fasting, you can eat anything, it is advisable to avoid high-calorie foods, and eat a variety of foods.


Breakfast: yogurt (89 calories), banana (90-105 calories), boiled egg (77 calories), apple, black bread, grapefruit;

Lunch: soup, celery, tomato soup, salmon, cauliflower, salad of tuna;

Dinner: Chicken breast, eggplant, peas, boiled shrimp, roasted peppers, 100 grams of rice, salmon, 38g feta cheese.

Before you decide for this diet consult your doctor.

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