-What is Phenibut ?

Phenibut or well known as a “happy-smart drug “ is non-prescription supplement used to treat depression and anxiety. Even though people don’t know much about it and it’s not approved in many countries, not even from FDA, that does not stopped them from getting the product from Internet and trying it.
People have always been searching for magical, fast and effective pills who can burn fat, cure baldness, cellulite, make you happy and energetic. The same goes for this product, many people are suffering from anxiety and depression and they will try anything to feеl better.

Phenibut is marked as nootropics. Nootropics are supplements, drugs and other substances that may improve cognitive function, executive functions , enhance memory and learning ability, increase the neuron activity and help the brain function. By structure Phenibut is similar to gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA) who is calming neurotransmitter in the brain. Because of the same structure Phenibut is characterized as a GABA analog and can have a calming effect.

This “smart drug” was developed in Soviet Union by Professor V.V. Perkekalin’s team and the Institute of Experimental Medicine, Academy of Medical Sciences and in 1960s  was  introduced for medical use. Today this product has a legal status in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Latvia. The medication is not approved for clinical use in the United States, most of Europe and Australia, but it is easy to procure on the Internet. Technically it is legal to buy Phenibut in pill or capsule form but because it isn’t approved from FDA, the drug comes with some risks and negative side effects.

-Benefits of Phenibut

If you used it responsibly, Phenibut can help you improving your sleep quality, reducing social anxiety, improving memory, learning and thinking, reduce stress, fear and depression and even benefiting your sex life.

  • People who suffers from anxiety knows that it can be very hard to control and it is not that simply to deal with it. Phenibut like a anixolytic can helps to relieve stress levels to aid in the effects of anxiety. After using Phenibut you will be able to gain more control,you will feel more relaxed and composed.
  • Anxiety has had an effect on sleep quality. With Phenibut sleep quality is way more improved and it helps users fall asleep more effectively. They fall asleep faster, sleep deeper , and wake up the next day feeling refreshed.
  • Phenibut аlso act positive on the two brain hemispheres which are able to communicate more effectively.
  • Anxiety is the biggest killer of libido and Phenibut has the opposite effect. After reducing anxiety it is much easier to slip into the mood with your partner and enjoy your sex life.
  • Users feel more positive and motivated than usual.

How to use Phenibut ?

Phenibut can be easily find like a pill or capsule form. Generally is taken orally because other forms can be risky ( for example if you injecting Phenibut it can lead to some vascular damage). Everyone has a different tolerance levels and many factors can affect it, this include : genetic factors, previous anxiety medication, body weight, alcohol consumption etc. Therefore, despite the rules of use, each individual will assess how much he needs. Depending on how strong you would like the effects to be you can take lower serving (around 250-300mg) 2 or 3 times per day, or you can choose higher serving (500-750mg) twice daily. Аnyway this stuff is strong and it is recommended to start with only one gram on an empthy stomach. After 45 minutes you can eat your breakfast. You can take Phenibut with food but if your meal is too large it may slow down the rate of absorption. When you compared to the other substances Phenibut can take longer to feel the real full effects. But like we mention previous this stuff is strong so do not take more than enough. To feel the real effects it can take up to 4 hours and half-life of Phenibut is about 5-6 hours (you are not supposed to take another dose anytime before four after your previous dose). It is very important to say that is not recommended to exceed 2000mg daily or 1000mg per dose. To make your perfect dosing you can start making notes about time and how long it takes to kick in and also how much 1000mg or 500mg affected you.

Different dosages can affect on different benefits. Simple example: If you need better sleep take a higer dose but don’t do the same way for improving social anxiety.

 Side Effects

 We already mention all of the benefits of Phenibut and it really sound too good to be true, but of course that there are a few possible side effects if you don’t use it responsibly. First of all Phenibut is very similar to alcohol and Benzodiazepines, which is why is forbidden to mix it with these substances.

Generally it is well tolerated but some of the common side effects of Phenibut can be nausea, dizziness, headache, sedation , hangover effect, fatigue and feelings of electric shocks in the arms and legs. When you used a higher doses it can include loss of balance and coordination problems. Because Phenibut affect the central nervous system it is not recommended to drive or operating machinery.

Overdosing is also possible because sometimes people will take additional doses thinking that the initial one didn’t effect them. Because of that they can feel extreme drowsiness, vomiting, delirium, loss of consciousness nausea and low blood pressure. Usually when you combined Phenibut with depressants, alcohol or sedatives you can experiencing these side effects and overdosing.

Is Phenibut addictive ?

We can not guarantee that it is 100% safe and non- addictive. But if you abuse it, it can be like every other drug or supplement.

Most of the people who are using Phenibut feel way more comfortable with it then without it. Specially if they use it before going out, before some social event or before going out on a date with someone new. They are scared to do all of these things without using Phenibut because they believed that they can’t socialize otherwise. That’s way it is really important for people to be aware of these risks before taking Phenibut. It’s good to know how to use is properly without being abused.

Where you can find Phenibut ?

We already mention that Phenibut is approved in Russia, Ukraine and Latvia so there it’s marketed under the brand names like Anvifen, Noofen and Fenibut. In other countries where Phenibut is not approved it can be found and sold online without any prescription, that’s why if known as a self-medication for social anxiety. There is a 4 most important things that you need to look for and consider before buying some Phenibut :

  • Quality control via testing (This is number one and it is most important factor because after all we need to be sure that we are not doing anything wrong to our body and our health. So we need to look for a 3rd partry COA who has determined the purity, quality and potency of the ingredients in the product).
  • Reputation ( Before buying something it is always good to look for online reviews and see what other people thing about it and what they are saying about personal experience with these products.)
  • Price (Most of the people are buying this product from Internet. That’s why the prices can be different depending on shipping )
  • Convenience

There is a different vendors on the market and costumers can choose which one is the best for them. For those who are still new and hesitate about where to buy the product  we compiled a list from some of the best places where you can buy Phenibut. All of these vendors are reputable and have good review with lot of satisfied customers.
Some of them are : Absorb Health, Nootropics Depot, Peak Nootropics and

We will recommend you to take your time and to review each one very carefully, and then to decide which Phenibut supplement is best for you and your health.

What people think about it ?

Although the FDA still does not approve this product and is not released on the market as a legal medical drug, many people are using it and have a positive opinion about it. While you were reading this for sure you were wondering “What is the feeling of being on it “ ?

 People who have been already using  Phenibut can say that they can feel “extreme calmness” , “sense of well-being”, “feels like being drunk without the intoxication “ , “high level of euphoria” etc.

If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, some fear or sleeping disorders and you still didn’t find any solution about it maybe Phenibut have all of the answers. Who knows?  – But before making a decision about consuming, get to know all the consequences and good things about this product.

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