What is noopept?

Noopept is sometimes found under these names:

  • GVS-111
  • Ноопепт
  • N-Phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester

Noopept falls under the “Smart Drugs” – nootropics. Noopept these days is being talked about all around the globe, and the attention its getting is well deserved. But are you a starter when it comes to nootropics, or don’t even know what really the word nootropic means? Well if you’re not introduced to nootropics let me be the one to give you a quick introduction. Nootropics these days are being used worldwide, and are known by the common names like Smart drugs, cognitive enhancers. Nootropics are drugs, or supplements that improve your cognitive functions like memory, learning, creativity and a lot more. But the most important thing is they’re available to everyone, they can be over the counter drugs and are relatively safe.
But let’s talk more about noopept, well noopept is considered one of the most potent and extremely effective nootropic that is currently on the market. It helps in every cognitive function you can think of. Noopept is known to improve on your general memory, your focus, and even your concentration, recall speed and learning capacity. As well as it has some neuroprotective properties this comes down to protecting cells from damage, impairment and even degeneration. It is familiar that noopept has some ties with the family of nootropics known as racetam. Noopept gets its recognition because of its fast acting effects, unlike some other nootropics which can take even months so their effects can kick in. And that’s why the nootropic from the family of racetam called phenylpiracetam is similar to noopept.

Noopept was synthesized in the 90’s in Russia where it is widely popular and is now patented in the USA and is distributed all around the globe.
Noopept has been tested in a big number of animal-based tests and the results were that it actually has some benefits when it comes to restoring cognition in cases of Alzheimer’s disease. It is good to mention that noopept doesn’t have the same effect in everyone, such as some users may find that their recall of small details has been enhanced, and their memory ability has been increased and others may notice a minute change in their memory and their cognitive abilities.
It has been described in a lot of cases that Noopept’s effects are subtle, meaning that you wont be hit with a jolt of energy or creativity 15-30 minutes after taking your dosage, unlike some other nootropics.

How does Noopept work?

In most of its studies, researchers have been using injections as their method of  administrating the drug, but other ways of administration like easily digested pills or even liquid form are available. Either way when introduced into your digestive system and when it reaches your bloodstream it has a very fast way of acting. And that’s nothing weird since it is one of the fastest acting nootropics, as previously mentioned it takes about 15-30 minutes for you to feel your maximum concentration but that depends on your digestive system, there have been reports users have started feeling effects even before that. Once in the bloodstream, it makes its way up to your brain and immediately heads, and binds for the receptor sites located in the Glutamate neurotransmitter. This then means that Noopept is preventing the breakdown of Glutamate in the meantime making the receptor sites more sensitive to it. As it is known that Glutamate is one of the most powerful neurotransmitter when it’s about expansion and supporting of cognitive functions, it means that it’s a quality nootropic. Another somewhat connected Noopept mechanism of action is a rise of Alpha and Beta one brain wave functions (or EEG activity) within the left cortical area. Alpha activity additionally will increase within the right cortex and hippocampus, an area of the brain crucial to the formation and storage of short and semi-permanent recollections. These changes are vastly helpful to overall memory enhancements. One final thing Noopept will do for you is to extend the number of oxygen within the brain and improve how well it metabolizes aldohexose. Aldohexose may be a primary supply of energy the brain depends on, and an improved metabolism means that there’s a lot of-of it accessible for the brain to use. These 2 actions contribute to the improved concentration, focus and mental clarity brought on by Noopept.

Benefits of using Noopept

It already has been proven in a lot of different cases that Noopept is very useful and that there are many benefits to it. There are several advantagesto using Noopept. Some individuals use it attempting to raise their memory, focus and learning talents. Others hope to extend their mood. Others still look for one thing that has neuroprotective properties. The great news is they all have come to the proper place. Noopept clearly is best known for its memory enhancing abilities. Noopept positively effects our memory consolidation and recall, this means it is an equivalent of sending any signals sent by our senses to our brain, meaning it enhances our memory formation. So here are some key examples of what Noopept can do:

  • Memory and learning

Noopept is most commonly known for its memory enhancing ability and its ability to improve the learning process. Another common thing with piracetam is that it assists with memory formation, but with additional benefits in the beginning rather than the end. Noopept facilitates are the proper management of all the types of stimuli as they’re being processed by the brain that allows for an even higher memory retrieval. In different words, signals being processed by our senses are a lot of efficient as they’re transported into our brains in the form of memory.


Through the continued use of Noopept, you’ll seemingly notice that you will simply digest additional data and process it additional promptly for usage in your daily activities. you may even recall names, places, perhaps a word spoken in a very probability encounter, a song title that you just thought you had forgotten before, and so on.

  • Neuroprotective Properties

There has been a large number of studies that have shown Noopept has high neuroprotective properties. The way it works is it stimulates the neurons and prevents any oxidative damage and apoptosis in the human brain. There is a large number of patients with cognitive impairment that are using noopept to prevent further declining of cognitive functions.

  • Increased levels of NGF

NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) could be a distinctive supermolecule within the body that’s concerned within the growth, maintenance, and survival of nerve cells, as well as brain cells. NGF is additionally thought-about to be a key player in development, your body’s ability to form new cells.
By increasing the NGF levels within the brain, we tend to support the mechanisms concerned in development that improves the performance of neural networks inside the brain, permitting new neural connections. The result suggests that probably improved mental skills in nearly all areas of cognition.

  • Increased levels of BDNF

Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor or BDNF is a protein created by the body that has a similar function like NGF. BDNF is known to be considered as one of the most important molecules that are involved in memory, meaning it plays a key role in both short-term and long-term memory formation.

  • Improves association between Brain hemispheres

As we know both of the brain hemispheres of the brain have a range of functions they do. Synthesis of various memories, stimuli, ideas, can and will be enhanced through taking Noopept for a long-term in a daily basis. In-between these nuances there are functions that enhance the way we think.

Side effects of using Noopept

A nootropic with such potency and efficiency is easy to create, but with very little to no side effects like Noopept well that is much harder than you can think. A lot of researchers and reviewers are to this day amazed by that. A majority of the cases reported are of either headaches, dizziness, restlessness, or just irritability. Most of these can occur when you start using Noopept at the higher end of the dosage range. But don’t be alarmed because these small problems can be easily fixed by just lowering the dosage you take daily, but stay on alert for lower levels of choline as that can be the cause of headaches. So consider stacking Noopept with a choline supplement. There have been reported cases of insomnia which is just a case of taking Noopept too late since there is no hard rule set on how late is late for you.


Since Noopept is incredibly potent, the recommended dosage varies but it is relatively small, usually 10-20 mg taken three times daily. Beware so you don’t exceed a dosage over 40mg in a 24-hour period. Noopept is a nootropic with a very short half-life when in the human body, so that’s why its preferable to take multiple small doses. In it’s powdered form Noopept is usually placed under the tongue and mixed with water and then drunk. The effects are felt very quickly after ingestion. it highly is recommended to take Noopept for one and a half to three weeks and then, if necessary, to begin another cycle after a one month break. Alternatively, many nootropic users follow a cycle of fifty-six days on and four days off.

To consider

Noopept is quite bitter so it can be taken through easily digestive capsules or in liquid form.
No matter if you’re an experienced nootropic user, or just a starter, Noopept will be worth your while.
There has been some evidence that noopept can enhance the effects of some stimulants like amphetamines, so be cautioned.

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