The Importance of Proper Nutrition


Every living organism needs food or materials to feed off so that they can survive. Eating is a basic instinct in almost every single living organism. Simply put nutrition is consummation of foods for survival. There is only a few ways of how you can consume food, if required in the hospitals, patients usually get their daily nutrition solutions through an IV(intravenous) or either through an intragastric tube(IG), depends on the state of the patient. It is widely known that good nutrition has a big part in providing a good mental and a great physical health. It is very important to have a balanced diet and an important part in having good health. The type of food and the amount of food that you consume largely affects the way you feel, the speed and way your body works. Proper nutrition is a crucial element in fixing a lot of different health conditions, and preventing further health problems developing.
Nutrition as a science is involved in recognizing of how certain conditions and diseases can be cause by malnourishment (poor diet, not enough food, or too much food), as well as food allergies, and some intolerances on food.

Diets(proper nutrition)

Many, and when I mean many, I mean the number goes in millions of people that think of starving themselves when the word “diet” is mentioned, but what they don’t realize is that the word proper nutrition is having a diet balanced in fats, carbs, sugar, proteins..
Some trainers or health providers can recommend you getting between 45-65 percent from carbohydrates, between 10-35 percent of daily calories from protein and 20-35 percent of daily calories from fats.  Healthy eating isn’t really that hard, you might be used to eating at fast food places, eating a lot of pizza or drinking soda and other high-sugar beverages, but always remember that you are the one in control of what you crave. Now, we aren’t saying to starve yourself, but change your daily eating habits, and these are some of the tips of how to eat properly:

  • Eat a big number of different foods, and be sure to include fruits, vegetables high-fiber products (whole-grain) meanwhile staying in the recommended daily intake.
  • Carefully choose your foods(preferably choose foods low in fat and sugar).
  • Prepare meals that are low in salt( Salt is a silent but a deadly killer).
  • Definitely read  the food labels, and their recommended daily intake.

Where do I get a food guide?

Well although there is a large number of online guides, and nutritionists, the best recommended solution is to go to the nearest private, or public hospital and ask around, since a registered dietitian nutritionist(RD/RDN)’s course includes both the hospital and the community settings he should be available in both of the cases. Dietitians? RDN’s?


Dietitian is a person who has a professionally studied food, nutrition and dietetics in an accredited university and has an approved curriculum, he then has to go through and complete a very rigorous internship and pass an exam to get licensed so he could become an registered dietitian. Worth mentioning is that there is a nutritionist who does not have the requirements like the registered dietitian. The nutritionist(without the title of RD/RDN) has previously studied on his own or even through formal education, but as previously mentioned he does not meet the requirements to be able to use the titles RD/RDN. The terms can sometimes be confusing, but in are in no way identical, although there are a lot of things that nutritionists and dietitians work and study which are in common.
Benefits of good(proper) nutrition

Well as previously mentioned, having a proper and accurately balanced nutritious diet is known to improve your health. But what are the in-depth benefits of a proper diet? Well here’s a small list of what they might be:

  • Improving your heart health:

-Have in consideration a diet that is low in fats, cholesterol as well as sodium, so you can lower the risks of a serious heart disease. Read up on the types of fats since fat plays a major role in your diet and the level of the risk. Saturated as well as trans fats which most commonly can be found in foods like red meat, coconut oils, certain margarines and a variety of packaged snack foods. All of the above can and will influence your previously known heart disease or even increase the risk of getting one, and they should all be avoided at any cost. However including healthy foods, like foods rich in vitamins, such as vegetables, fruits will most definitely reduce the risk of having a heart disease.

  • Increasing bone and teeth strength

It is widely known that calcium is the number one mineral when it comes to keeping your bones and your teeth at their strongest while also preventing bone lose which can be associated with osteoporosis. Low- fat dairy products, like milk, certain cheese and certain yoghurt, as well as some fruit juices and some cereals can be considered pretty good sources of calcium. Some studies recommend around 1,000mg of calcium as a daily intake for an average adult from the age of 19 to the age of 50. Worth mentioning is that Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium, so consider adding products rich in Vitamin D so you can have a balanced diet.

  • Increased levels of energy

Workout combined with a healthy and improved diet can immediately as well as vastly improve on your energy levels. Blood sugar levels can be lethal in some cases so it is very important to eliminate some excess fats as well as a large number of sugars and refined carbohydrates. Refined carbohydrates can be considered candies as well as some white breads, meanwhile unprocessed carbohydrates can include whole grains, fruits, as well as vegetables, and they are the most nutritious and delicious! Small but frequent meals can be an addition for you so you can increase your energy levels even better. A healthy and carefully picked breakfast can be the thing that can mainly keep your levels of energy on the maximum so you can fight through the obstacles very easily.

  • Reducing risks of cancer

To be able to prevent further risks of cancer and to have a cancer-free life. Even though it is a small number of people that a healthier diet can really help, its useful to start on time before its too late. So first things first, be sure to quit smoking, no matter how hard it is you have to start from somewhere, next and a very important thing would be to stop drinking too much alcohol, we all know it’s nice to enjoy a glass or two of beer or even vine, but excessive drinking can lead to inflammation of the pancreas and that can lead to even more problems.

  • Weight loss and workout

Weight gain(obesity) , a serious problem to the modern people, it has been afflicting over 1.9 billion(2016 info) people worldwide, and the cause to all of that is a simple unbalanced diet.We all know obesity is preventable if reacted on time. However obesity can be stopped in a later time too, with hard work and a constant workout schedule. Controlling obesity with a normal balanced diet as well as working out can be easily done. The definition of obese can mean as excessive accumulation of fat that has a high probability of impairing your health. Obesity as well as smoking has a high number of cancer cases each year and the estimated number in the UK is around 18,100. But many people are unaware that cancer can be caused by obesity.

So the quicket prevention to this is not eating more calories than the ones you daily burn. Constantly eating and having a diet that consist of: fruits, vegetables, whole grains as well as lean proteins. Type-2 diabetes, clogged arteries and thyroid dysfunction are heavily related to being caused by obesity.

What are the leading causes of bad nutrition?

Common day people face a lot of challenges and one of them might be poverty. Lack of resources as well as poverty can be considered the two main causes of bad nutrition which affect over 1 billion people worldwide. We all know that teenagers have the worst management of their nutrition. And nowadays it’s really easy to develop an addictive behavior. Another issue worth mentioning is the environment that the child grows up in, the caregivers lack of knowledge, or the caregivers lack of interest. There are a lot of affections that we just have to stay away and be focused on our goal to have a healthy and a long life, because if we don’t then there is no one else to take care about us, or about our goals as well as our healthy lifestyle.

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