What do we know about Citicoline ?

       As we known Citicoline is a natural chemical in the body and it is very important for our brain health. Citicoline increase one brain chemical that is called phosphatidylcholine and it is important for brain function. When the brain is injured it might also decrease brain tissue damage. Citicoline occurs naturally in the body and also in some food items but these sources are very limited. That’s why we use Citicoline extra as a medicine  when it comes to  Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, stroke, memory loss, head trauma, Parkinson’s disease, ADHD or glaucoma. Taking Citicoline seems to improve memory, behavior, learning and information processing. Most of the people also who suffer from glaucoma, vision loss or ischemic optic neuropathy suggest Citicoline because it might improve vision in some cases.

The most important influence of Citicoline

      Citicoline has several important functions and one of them is that raises level of important brain chemicals. As we know our brain cells communicate with each other via neurotransmitters. So Citicoline can raise the level of acetylcholine and dopamine which are very important neurotransmitters. Acetylcholine is associated with memory and learning and Dopamine increase motivation, productivity and focus.

If you want to term short term memories into long-term ones for that you need acetylcholine. But many drugs that we usually use are anticholinergic and block the action of acetylcholine. Many antidepressants can affect on acetylcholine so my advice is that if you are taking anticholinergic medication is good to supplement with Citicoline so you can help bring your levels of acetylcholine up.

When it comes to Dopamine, a low level of it can leave you feeling depressed. If you use Citicoline is a safe way to increase Dopamine without using a lot of caffeine or sugar instead, that’s what I do actually.

Important fact about  Citicoline is also that it increase energy available to the brain. Citicoline can also enhance glucose metabolism and increase blood flow in the brain. It is very effective at increasing circulation to the brain. Another way Citicoline is important for the brain is that it increases mitochondrial energy production in the frontal cortex and that is the part of the brain responsible for our thinking, speaking, planning, and making decisions.

That’s why if you didn’t know most of the energy drinks or “Think” drinks contains 250mh of Cognizin,a proprietary form of citicoline. But anyway I would not recommend you to take your dose of Citicoline from those drinks, because they are not the most reliable.

Citicoline can be also very helpful with addictions. It helps to repair brain cell membranes which are damaged by cocaine.

My personal experience with Citicoline

    I was always interested in things that are connected with my health. As a physiotherapy student during my studies I always wanted to know more and to read a lot about it. I wanted to have space in my memory for all of that information  and even more. But somewhere in the middle of my studies I notices that everything that I have learned was easily disappearing from my memory.  I spent hours and hours preparing for my exams (witch I pass well) but after two days I couldn’t even remember what kind of questions I have had on my exams. And not even to mention how easily could I forget all of the information that I learned it before. I started to lose my concentration and motivation and I quickly become nervous. The same was happening when I needed to remember some names, numbers, movies or lyrics also.

Then I started with some researching about nootropics  and their impact on the brain. I read a lot about them and how they can improve your memory, concentration, creativity and cognitive function. It took quite a while to decide what I want to try and still to not make any mistake and to suffer later from site effects. I was trying to find a pill that  can speed up my thought process, boost my memory and make me more productive. It sounds really crazy because I was imagine that I would be like Bradley Cooper from Limitless and after downing a one strange pill I would become brilliant. But I was not that far away from that because many nootropics have promising benefits, like boosting memory, motivation and better focus.

After many research I found very good review about Citicoline and I decided to give it a chance, because it sounded very promising. And from my personal experience I can say that I didn’t make a mistake. I’ve just recently started taking Citicoline  before one month and I can’t say that I become more intelligent but what can I say is that for sure I already fell better, my sleeping is better, I am more focused  and concentrated. I can get more information and quickly remember them. It’s still early to say something  bad about it and to get to conclusion but there is no side effects for now and from my research there is no at all. Тhe worst I can get is stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea or headache.

Also I find out that there is a choline-rich food like eggs, seafood and beef. So beside taking Citicoline I try to consume more of this food also and the results are way more better.

I did not only experience the benefit of Citicoline, but I also see it how it was working with others. My friend’s grandmother was taking CDP before passing. She had a memory loss and it was really difficult to deal with it. So Citicoline was very helpful in maintaining a better memory.

 Side effects of Citicoline

   CDP choline is considered like a very safe supplement with much scientific evidence and plenty positive reviews.

Most of the people who take Citicoline don’t have a problem with experience problematic side effects. There are some few side effects of course but there are not dangerous at all. Some people who take Citicoline complain of headaches because of the higher volume of acetylcholine in the brain. Also they can have some trouble with sleeping or diarrhea, nausea or chest pain.

I didn’t have problem with any of that and for me it was safe. I can not say that long-term of use is completely safe because is still not known.

And also there is not enough reliable information about safety when it comes about pregnancy or breast-feeding. But I would recommend to be safe and stay on side and avoid to use it. One friend of mine who was actually the first one who suggest me to use Citicoline, made a short break from it while she was pregnant and one year after that while she was breast-feeding. Now she is back and  start using it again without any consequences. 

Dosing of Citicoline

 Depending on the goals and expectations of the patient, the dose will be different. Usually it can be taken by mouth and 500-2000mg per day is enough. You can divide this intake into two doses per day and that would be 250- 1000mg at once. Also they must be separated by time of 8 to 12 hours between dosing.

For people who  have cerebrovascular disease 600mg of Citicoline per day will be fine.

For those who suffer from stroke is recommended  to take 500-2000mg of Citicoline per day starting within 24 hours of stroke. Some studies reveal that if a patient who is suffering from stroke that is caused by clotting and if he consume citicoline within 24 hours , he can actually recovery within 3 months.

However, if you consume these Citicoline capsules within 12 hours, it can provide some noticeable recovery with only 7 days.

  I started taking CDP Choline 1 months ago and I can say that it made a big difference in improving my memory. I began taking one 300mg capsule each day and I am very satisfied for now. Since the third day I notice that my memory and focus was back like it was before. Maybe it is a placebo effect who knows, at the end it’s all about the brain isn’t it ? But however I strongly recommend this Citicoline to anyone who has problems with his memory.

 Where you can find Citicoline ?

      Like a supplement Citicoline is available in stores and also you can find it easily online. It is sold in over 70 countries with different brand names like Ceraxon, Cidilin, Cebroton, Difosfocin, Citifar, Cognizin, NeurAxon, Hipercol, Sinkron, Synapsine, Somazina, Nicholin, Startonyl, Trausan etc.

Because there is a lot of brands it is not easy to find the best Citicoline supplements, with so many supplements out there you can easily get confudes. That’s why I will give you some recommendations and represent you the best Citicoline supplements and brands for ADHD and depression also.

I will single out some brands that I think they are one of the best, and you can find them online on

  • Jarrow Formulas Citicoline

-This product is 100% vegetarian

-Its suitable for the allergic body

-It can be found with 60 or 120 Caps x250mg

-Price: 60caps- 16.74$ 120caps-31.46$

-Top quality

  • Double Wood CDP Choline

-Budget-friendly price

-Made in USA

– Many negative reviews and side effects

-Price 60caps- 18.95$

-It comes with 100% risk-free money back guarantee

  • Healthy Origins Cognizin Citicoline

-It is free from gluten, soy, peanuts, wheat, artificial flavors, preservatives and colors

-100% vegetarian product

-You can have 60caps for 17.12$ or 150 caps for 30$ x250mg

  • Bestvite Cognizin Citicoline

-Produced at USA

-100% vegetarian

-Doesn’t contain stearates

-Many positive reviews

-It is free from wheat, soy and corn

-You can have 60caps for 31.99$, 120caps for 61.99$ or 180caps for 89.99$ x500mg all of them

  • Jazzee Naturals Citicoline

-All natural blend of organic ingredients

-Top quality

-100% vegetarian

-Non-GMO product

-120caps for 25.97$ x300mg per capsule

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