Choline and inositol

Looking for a reliable supplement to help you study and to focus?
Choline and inositol are the one of the best supplements on the market these days. Why, you ask? Well when you combined together they are a very helpful and powerful nootropic.

But what are nootropics?
Maybe you have heard of the word “smart drugs”, they boost your body with almost no side effects. These smart drugs or nootropics are used to enhance cognitive abilities of your body such as memory, focus, motivation and learning. These drugs are sometimes found even naturally occurring in plants, vitamins or in the food that we eat.

So what is Choline?

It’s a nutrient that belongs to the B-vitamins family, it is very crucial for the brain and the body, and is necessary for a good and healthy liver as deficiency of choline can lead to liver damage and maybe a liver failure.

Choline is generally known for being important for good brain health and a normal brain function. As it has a connection with acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that has an association with memory, learning, cognition. Choline deficiency has a connection with cognitive issues, memory loss, dyslexia, and even depression.

You might be surprised with the foods where you can find choline, as they are very common among a large number of people, like egg yolks, beef liver, salmon, products that contain soy and our favorite, peanut butter.

There is a wide range of products to be chosen from so they can boost the choline level and encourage a production the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, such as Alpha GPC, CDP Choline and centrophenoxine.

And what is Inositol?
Inositol, like choline, can be found in a lot of common foods as it is similar to B-vitamin complex and can be associated with the B8 vitamin, however it is not officially recognized as a vitamin, it is rather a carbohydrate which our body can synthesize from glucose.
Inositol is very similar as to being essential in both physical and mental health and function. And it’s present in all body tissues, which means it helps the body prevent fatty build ups in the liver, break down and metabolize fats and lower the cholesterol.
Inositol is very crucial for brain functions, because almost every neurotransmitter requires it for transferring and receiving messages, which means it has a big role and impact on cognition and mood.
Just like choline inositol is very common in foods that we eat every day, like in whole grains, meat, citrus fruits, nuts, and many more. There isn’t an exact number of recommended daily intake but it has been estimated around 500-1,000mg.

Effects of choline supplementation

As choline deficiency can influence your brain function and lower you cognitive brain abilities it can also lead to kidney necrosis and liver disease, which can be lethal, unless treated with choline supplementation and implementing it into your daily diet if you think you don’t satisfy your recommended daily intake of this very crucial nutrient.
If you have already started taking some nootropics that require higher levels of choline such as aniracetam, Noopept, which mainly work by up regulating the brain’s production of acetylcholine which takes a big part of the body’s storage of choline. So if the body lacks choline and you’re a user of other nootropic supplements that require choline, it will be less effective and you won’t be getting the same results. Consider using high quality choline supplements to your stack, and it will boost your results by a great deal and you will get better results in no time, as it will maximize your cognitive abilities and enhance them on the highest level.
Choline on its own has been rated by scientists as a nootropic that boosts you cognitive abilities, like better concentration and focus, enhanced learning ability, more efficient thought and verbal processing, choline also can be used as a mood booster and has been used in treating depression, anxiety and more related disorders.
But like every drug, choline has slight side effects which shouldn’t be alarming to users.
The biggest side effect that choline has on its users is being the body odor that it makes the user have, so consuming high amounts of choline may cause a fish like body odor, taking excess amounts of 10-16g can cause these undesirable effect as it can also make you sweat profusely and salivate. For this side effect the guilt goes on trymethylthylamine, a byproduct of choline being metabolized. Also a small side effect of choline is being a nootropic that lowers your blood pressure which can lead to hypotension, so taking an excess of 7 to 8g will most likely be a cause of a low blood pressure, so beforehand be in contact with your physician when taking choline and inositol, as they can sometimes interact with other medications and complicate preexisting conditions.

Effects of using inositol supplementation

As previously mentioned there hasn’t been an established exact daily intake for inositol which makes it harder to determine if the body is in a deficit of inositol. There has been research which shows us that using antibiotics in a long term or excessive consumption of alcohol and caffeine, can seriously impact your inositol levels. Not enough of inositol however can have a bad impact on your brain function, so signs of memory loss may be an indication of inositol deficiency.
Inositol supplements are widely used in treatment of physical conditions and disorders, such as psoriasis, high cholesterol, hair loss, as well as a wide-range of cognitive and mood-related conditions. Since inositol helps regulate levels of serotonin in the brain and has been proven to have calming effect on its user, it can be used as an anti-anxiety medicine and is known to be used in treating ADHD, panic attacks and other disorders.
However there are small side effects of this medicine too,like Nausea, Vomiting and Appetite Loss. Since inositol is considered a part of the vitamin B family it may have the previously mentioned side effects, which are temporary due to the fact that you have probably recently started using them. High doses of inositol(over 400mg) and choline(over 500mg), could lead to these side effects even if you aren’t a new user of these nootropics. So beware of signs like redness of your skin and sweating which is a common effect of inositol since it is a type of niacin.
Inositol is a popular nootropic if you are looking for improvement and enhancement in your mood in your sleep, having an increased attention span and better learning.


 Each of these products has their upsides and downsides, but they mostly cover for each others disadvantages, and have a powerful synergy since they both provide with many physical and mental benefits but when taken together they are far more effective than they would be on their own.

Lecithin Production

When taken together, choline and inositol promote the body’s production of phosphatidylcholine or lecithin, which can be found in animal cells and plants. However lecithin has an important role in nutrient absorption and emulsification, as in transport of fats or lipids through the bloodstream.Also as a component in cellular membranes and an important role in creating greater cellular strength and structure.

Choline Production There is  a connection between choline-inositol-lecithin which is very unique since it works both ways when the production starts, the body uses choline and inositol to synthesize lecithin, but it can also operate in

reverse, metabolizing choline from lecithin. Since choline is the precursor of the “learning neurotransmitter”- acetylcholine, it means that it has plenty of lecithin in storage from which choline will be synthesized and is important for a wide range of cognitive abilities.

Choline and Inositol

With proof choline and inositol are the “dream-team” of nootropics stacks. The combination not only provide better cell health and transport of lipids through the bloodstream, together they provide the body with fuel which is later used for metabolizing of choline. That in turn makes sure that the brain has “fuel” or raw material from which it can synthesize acetylcholine, or the “learning neurotransmitter”.


The combination of these two naturally occurring vitamins is very useful to the human body and is very good for both physical and mental health and are at the top of the list of cognitive enhancers. Each one of them has powerful and significant properties but when combined together they are even better and add to each others missing properties. While also choline can be used in hormone production.

What Are Choline & Inositol Tablets For?

  • Contribute to the maintenance of a healthy nervous system function
  • May protect against an overabundance of fat in the liver
  • Assists in promoting hair growth
  • Contribute to the maintenance of a healthy digestive system

Who Are choline & Inositol Tablets For?

  • Those who have higher levels of cholesterol.
  • People who have poor nervous system functionality
  • People who have impaired memory

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