Calm mind and balance

Saying one healthy doesn’t just represent the presence of some diseases it altogether mentions the well-being of your mental health.
One of the main keys for a healthy and long life is being mentally healthy and constantly stable.
Sometimes when we are caught up in work we can be stressed continuously and that presents a challenge to our concentration. Any type of stress is bad for you, and a constant build-up of stress can cause many problems in your life, make working harder, and it can go as far as being the cause you have anxiety attacks. Since everyday life can be so stressful it is quite important you read up on tips and very valuable tricks on how to keep a calm head, be very focused on your current task, and even help you control potential anxiety attacks. Meaning we need to find a balance in your body as well as in your mind by finding a sense of inner peace.
You all know that life is full of challenges and steps that are made to break you, and get you to your lowest point, but those are there so you can prove that you are tough to break, that you won’t allow it to get you on your knees, and not everyone knows how to cope with stress all the time, but that does not mean that you aren’t able to learn.
Ask yourself these questions :

  • Have you ever regretted your actions after you’ve done them?
  • Do you constantly yell at your children, spouse, co-workers or employees?
  • Do you constantly get angry with them? Do these situations make you happy?
  • Do you let your work, outside noises, other people’s bad behavior and attitude, movies or the TV influence the way you feel and think?
  • Do you subconsciously allow outside events distract your mind and make you think about them even when you’re not supposed to or don’t want to?
  • Do other peoples opinions about you change your feelings about yourself?

So what can you do to calm yourself and get a better control over your stress levels?

These few tips will you help you not only control your stress, but feel better emotionally and spiritually.

Make time for yourself

Exercise can be a very crucial element to your mental well-being. According to a study performed by the ADAA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America), as much as 10 minutes of exercise daily can release endorphins, they represent a type of pain-killing chemicals that aid in creating mental and physical peace.

Have a positive attitude, some psychologists are skeptic about this “method” since it hasn’t been scientifically proven to be valid, but most often people have noticed that being aware of how they negatively react to a certain thing and swiftly changing their thoughts to a more positive alternative, so we would most definitely recommend you try this one since it is harmless and might even work. Don’t stress about it if you fail a couple of times, since it takes a lot of practice but as time goes it very easily can become a habit. Remember that you are not only trying this to worry about it more, you are trying to help yourself find equilibrium and inner peace, which instantly changes your point of view, it momentarily becomes more beautiful, we start appreciating the people and the thing all around us, as well as help other people around us feel good too.


Take a step back and try to “chill”.
Meditation is a key to having a calm mind even in the most stressful situations. Meditation has proven to have a large number of positive and refreshing effects on your mind and your body.
The thing about meditation is, it is considered hard, which is why a lot of people struggle the first two/three tries and then just give up, not realizing it can make a huge difference in their bio-energy. Meditation helps your body fight the physical as well as emotional affects of stress and has considerable benefits that can affect your productivity, meanwhile giving you the sense of being fulfilled. Give yourself around 10-15 minutes daily over the next week or two and experience the quality benefits for yourself. Meditation is most often described like a state where you are aware of your surroundings but your body is resting and yet your mind is awake. You can even rely on meditation to help you in a wide variety of situations, help you in your quest to heal your body, your soul.  A big number of research groups have started studies on meditation and some have had evidence of how a few weeks of meditation can aid in decreasing heart diseases, anxieties, depression, insomnia and even some addictive behaviors.


The things that mostly influence your balance can be divided into two categories, the ones that affect you from the outside and the ones that affect you on the inside. Most often, people tend to focus more on one than rather than balance them.

In some cases, you may find that you mainly pay attention to external affections, such as work, relationships, and other similar activities that take your attention away from the internal affections. In different cases you might notice that you pay more attention your internal affections, and spend your quality time on being self reflective, meanwhile missing out a lot on the experience of living.
In cases where you have a pretty balanced life, you might pay more attention to specific elements within the two categories. These can be considered most crucial elements from these two categories:


  • Mind: Amaze yourself with the wonders you can do with your mind(your creativity)
  • Health: It is quite important to pay attention to your health
  • Heart: Give love, so love can be given to you.


  • Social life: Take time for yourself to socialize, and enjoy the presence of others.
  • Work: Achieve important goals meanwhile looking out for the bigger picture.
  • Family: Create healthy boundaries while fulfilling your familial responsibilities.
  • Extra time (Fun): Give yourself time to relax, and have a little bit of fun while being careful you don’t overdo it!

Steps to realize if you feel that your balance is off, and is being pulled towards a certain direction (The list may not be in a necessary correct order) :

1. Goals

– Set goals for yourself, for the things you want, the things you desire; Make a list.

2. Plan your time

– Planning your time can help you reach your balance even quicker, make short lists of daily, weekly and monthly tasks that will eventually aid you in achieving the before mentioned goals.

3. Plan

– To reach a point in your life and accomplish the goals you set for yourself, it takes time and a lot of effort so you can overcome your “unwanted” habits and create a bunch of good and new ones. Crucial tip for you at this moment is be careful how you plan your time, because spending too much time on a certain thing can keep you off-balance for a longer period than the one previously expected.

4. Connect

– Is there someone in your life that is very close to you and is always there for you, a person that knows how to keep you motivated, help you focus on fixing yourself, supports you? It is highly recommended that connecting with someone and sharing your inner process or even letting feelings out, can help you most definitely. However don’t forget to return the favor, because sometimes we can be a crucial element in someone’s way of finding balance.

It is quite important that we mention this!

 “How do you find your balance?”

Who you are is not found, but created. You’re not a limited pre-defined set of boundaries that you have to bump into, although you may have created those illusions previously. Create yourself as balance, visualize and manifest that experience, and then you’ll have it. The universe is not so cold as to let you fumble around until you “find” yourself. You are yourself living in the universe with is also yourself. Therefore create the focus for balance, which is always available within the limitless resources you already have to pull from.

Everything is now up to you, you control your behavior and you are the one in control, never forget that. You have to stay true to yourself, you can always lie to the others but never yourself. Be a model for others, if you truly believe you have learned to balance your life, and have a calm mind for most of the time, if not for always, help them, if someone is willing to learn be sure to be there for them in that certain time of need, because a friend in need is a friend indeed.

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